The workshop focuses on interdisciplinary scientific cooperation and future research in the field of architecture and infrastructure systems design, engineering, construction and operation of smart cities. It is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation (through the research coordination network, RCN-SEES-SHBE) and the National Science Foundation of China. We are delighted to invite scholars in China, the United States and other countries to participate and share research findings and ideas. Our purpose is to promote the development of science and technology and develop a global collaborative research network across borders and disciplines of architecture, engineering, construction.
    Four topics were covered:Implications of Smart Cities on Built Environment Planning, Design, Engineering, Construction and Operations; Open and Proprietary Data; Smart Cities and the Food Energy Water Nexus; Human behavior, Construction Sustainability and Best Practice.
   The whole workshop was divided into four stages. Firstly, four keynote presentations were given by outstanding scholars. Secondly, every participant spent 20 minutes presenting his/her respective research, emphasizing individual research interests and describing the future directions. Thirdly, panels were assembled to analyze the research issues and identify future research mission. Forthly, breakout sessions were served as an opportunity for all scholars to participate more actively in which attendees will be divided into three groups, each facilitated by two Organizing Committee members.
     The workshop would form a mechanism for international exchanges and cooperation as well as provide intellectual support for sustainable development research.